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Do You Have An Office?

  • YES! We have a very clean and sanitized office where we can safely meet with you! We do ask that guests remain in the car at this time due to the ongoing pandemic, unless your guest is acting as a witness to your signing, then this of course is allowed in. 

  • Our address is 5865 N. Lincoln Ave, Suite 108, Chicago, IL 60659, on the corner of Richmond & Lincoln, across from Mather Park High School and Mather Park.

  • Free parking is available in the rear of the building.

Do You Provide Mobile Notary Services?

YES!  Fees for Mobile Notary Services must be prepaid prior to the dispatch of a Notary Public.

  • up to 1-5 miles = $25.00

  • up to 6-10 miles = $50.00

  • up to 11-15 miles = $75.00

  • up to 20 miles (city limits) starting at $100.00 and up. Call to discuss. May give you a referral to someone closer to you.

  • North & NW Suburbs call for quote.

What is Remote Ink Notarizations or RIN Services?

Remote Ink Notarization was authorized by an IL Executor Order, in order to mitigate the public health risk of spreading the virus during the face-to-face notarizations while at the same time allowing access to notarial services at a time when these services are greatly needed. The authorization for IL will become permanent on 1/22/2022.

Remote Ink Notarization allows for a video conference notarization process. We use Zoom to satisfy this requirement, that a document signer personally appeared before a IL Notary Public. The IL Notary verifies the identity of the signer based on the methods specified in the temporary executive order. Paper documents are signed in pen and ink, then emailed to the IL Notary. The IL notary will sign, notarize and stamp the document and send it back to the signer via email. The original can be mailed to the signer or picked up from our office. 

Do You Provide Remote Ink Notarizations or RIN Services?

YES!  Our Fees for RIN services for 1 Document / Session is $25.00.

  • up to 4 documents $100.00.

  • We do conduct RON services for real estate closings or documents but prefer these are done in our office.


  • All signers will be sworn in and ALL RIN sessions MUST BE recorded according to IL state law.

  • Documents must be emailed to us and after we witness the signer sign, we will then sign & notarize the signers copy, and email back.​

    • Notarized documents can be mailed to signer, and/or picked up at our office anytime after the Zoom meeting.

How Can I Pay For Your Services?

  • We accept all credit & debit card payments, and use PayPal Virtual Terminal or the PayPal Here app. We do provide receipts for all purchased services.

  • For Mobile Notary Public Services, we do require prepayment prior to the dispatch of a notary to each mobile notary appointment, and before we begin any legal typing project.

  • Sorry, but we do not personal checks or pre-dated business checks.

If I'm Running Late To My Appointment, What Can I Do?

Generally, our Notaries Public or Notary Signing Agents, will wait at maximum of .15 minutes during which they will call the client as a courtesy advising of their arrival at the agreed upon location, and advise when they will leave unless otherwise agreed to stay beyond the 15 minutes.

  • Both CPNS© staff and our clients shall act courteous and professionally at all times, and either is running late to a scheduled appointment, are expected to send a courtesy text or phone call to the each other. 

  • However, should client fail to show up to scheduled appointment (NO SHOW) or fail to reschedule the appointment with the Notary Public, Notary Signing Agent or CPNS© staff, pre-payments for these services will be deemed forfeit by the client. This is to cover the travel expenses of the dispatched Notary Public or Notary Signing Agent. 

Can an IL Notary Public, "Certify" Original Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificates?

​NO. Illinois doesn't allow its notaries public to certify any publicly recorded document.

However, we can notarize your signature on a form called "COPY CERTIFICATION BY CUSTODIAN FORM". 

  • This form states that the owner of the attached certificate is the owner, and their signature on the form, certifies that the owner made a copy of the original certificate. We do not guarantee that this document is a proper substitute. 

  • Click link to view a sample of the Copy Certification by Custodian Form.

  • We can use our notary stamp on copies of documents, however we can apply an embosser if these document are to be sent overseas. An IL Notary Embosser has no value on any IL document. CLICK TO SEE AN EXAMPLE.



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